Road testing the new HJC modular helmet

With temperatures in the mid 50s and rising, I decided it was a good time to road test the new HJC CL Max II modular helmet. I did not want to get caught somewhere down the road with a new helmet that would not perform properly.

Well, that’s the excuse I used for a little motorcycling. Smile

You’d think a helmet like this would be very easy to put on, but I am so used a full-face helmet and how to put it on, that this one seemed awkward. It’s not the helmet. It’s me and my glasses. I’ll get the hang of it. Once the helmet is on, it fits like my other HJC helmets—nice and comfy and a perfect fit for the shape of my head.

Stopping for photos every now and then, it didn’t take me very long to appreciate a modular helmet. Flipping the face up is an easy one-button maneuver. Or, just flip up the visor like the other helmets. Usually, I have to take my helmet off for photos, or even when I stop for gas. I have heard other photographers complain of this same helmet issue. With this modular helmet, just flip the face up, and do what you have to do. It’s very convenient. Also, this helmet is designed to accommodate a Bluetooth device. There is a place to mount it on the left side of the helmet. I don’t expect to be using this feature, because it would violate rule #2—Never, never, never answer the cell phone while riding!

I would be remiss if I did not point out that this helmet is a little noisier than my other helmets, and that is to be expected. The modular has a seam from the hinge almost directly over my ear. I can see there is a weather strip in there, but noise does come through. And on a 50ish day, the helmet does not seem as warm as the other helmets, but that could be my imagination.

Overall, I like this modular helmet. I’m looking forward to traveling with it.


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  1. Brent,
    Don’t forget about the face plate height when you flip it up! It’s easy to bang into things because you’re so used to the top of a helmet being just about at the top of your head. You’ll forget you’ve got another three inches or so extra up there!

  2. I have the earlier generation of this helmet and I really like it. I actually got it from sport tour (thanks to your givi luggage video – I’ll be ordering more from them). I really like the modular design although I don’t think it is as quiet as my shoei.

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