A Discussion about AI

I don’t think of myself as anti-AI, but I have not been fond of it. I have always considered myself as a photojournalist and documentary photographer. Many of my projects were photographed as I saw them. No photoshopping to remove or change the image; just the standard exposure elements, and rarely cropping an image. I shoot for reality. 

But then, my son came to visit us from Utah, where he dabbles in media. He was explaining AI to me and how it can be useful. He also listened to what I have been doing in my leisurely time, especially with the recent Cincinnati Fly fishing Show. He tucked himself away in his room and returned later with these images created with ChatGPT. 

These are just beautiful. They represent Tenkara, the Japanese art of fly fishing. I added the watermark to make sure he gets credit for his art.

Wow. Just wow! Thanks, Stu. 

See you on the highway.



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