Winter scenery after the snow

Fine Art Friday

Ball field in winter

The overnight snow creates images in black and white, and the camera further enhances it with B&W capture. During the summer, the South Lebanon ball fields would be teeming with kids and parents playing America’s game, baseball. But, the winter gives the fields time to rest and soak in the moisture from melting snow. The bleachers and bench seats wait for the crowds to return.


3 Replies to “Winter scenery after the snow”

  1. Brent, I have a technical question for you.

    When you shoot like this, do you record it on the camera black and white or photoshop it on the computer?

  2. Scott, this was shot B&W in the camera. Most digitals are capable of this, but the Canon 5D MkII has some extra settings in the camera for B&W: Sharpness, Contrast, Filter effect and Toning effect. This of course gets you much closer to the effect you want. This shot was a slight increase in contrast with an orange filter effect. I made a minor adjustment in Lightroom. Without these controls, it’s a toss up whether to shoot B&W in the camera or convert with the software.–Brent

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