Relaxing at the ballpark

It’s been a while since we’ve gone to a ball game, and it’s been five years since Lin and I have attended a South Bend Silver Hawks game. Prior to our move to Cincinnati, I was the photographer for the Hawks. I was at the ball park often. Very often.


In five years, the Silver Hawks have transformed the ball park, also known as the Cove, named after Stanley Coveleski. The field has a new digital scoreboard with video. All of the old buildings beyond the outfield have been removed and replaced with landscaping that invites fans directly into the field from downtown South Bend.


Just before game time, the stands were still filling up. We’re sitting behind home plate and slightly towards the Hawks dugout. I walked down to the screen and managed to get Mark Haley’s attention. Mark is the head coach for the Hawks and has been for about 7 or 8 years. It was like greeting an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. He’s also an avid fly fisher.


The game got underway and it was like old times. Baseball, beer, hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn. There is something about hanging out at the ballpark that is so relaxing.


Note: These photos were taken with my LG phone-camera.

Empty ball fields where the pros used to play

The Arizona Diamondbacks used to have a training facility in Tucson. I had visited on several occasions to photograph. However, the Diamondbacks built a new training facility in Scottsdale, and the ball fields, although very well kept, seem silent.

With my travels to Arizona, I stopped at the training facility to reminisce and photograph.



Reminiscing about baseball

It’s February. Professional baseball players are reporting for spring training in the various training facilities in Arizona and Florida where the fields are clear of snow and the grass green. It has been several years since I have gone to Arizona to photograph spring training and maybe catch a couple of games in the Arizona Cactus League.

Here in the Midwest, the ballparks are thawing, and it will not belong before teams are in the dugouts and fans are in the stands. Opening day for baseball is about six weeks away.



Winter scenery after the snow

Fine Art Friday

Ball field in winter

The overnight snow creates images in black and white, and the camera further enhances it with B&W capture. During the summer, the South Lebanon ball fields would be teeming with kids and parents playing America’s game, baseball. But, the winter gives the fields time to rest and soak in the moisture from melting snow. The bleachers and bench seats wait for the crowds to return.