Sunset, sunrise

Do you have a favorite place? A place that you can’t seem to get enough photos?

Here is one of mine. It’s a place in the country near Lincoln, Illinois. You can be sipping on a glass of wine or a beer and watch the sun set. In the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, the sun rises.



See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “Sunset, sunrise”

  1. For several years my favorite place has been an abandoned pioneer cemetery. I know that sounds a bit odd but it was strangely peaceful and the aura of history seemed always to be there. I’ve photographed it repeatedly, even had one photo used in a calendar.

    Lately it’s been my own back patio. I’ve finally added some landscaping to the yard, a couple of fountains, and I find it very pleasant to sit there in the late afternoon looking at my handiwork and watching the birds visit the fountains. I must be getting old, perhaps next I should buy a cardigan sweater and a case of prune juice. Or a new Triumph Scrambler.

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