The latest fly rod build

This is my latest fly rod build, a 7′ 6″ 4wt with titanium guides and Alps reel seat and grip. A five- piece rod, it is an excellent travel rod.


Now, to go fishing.

See you on the highway … or on the stream.


3 Replies to “The latest fly rod build”

  1. That’s a beaut, Brent!

    While I do enjoy fly fishing, I haven’t yet undertaken building my own rod (or tying my own flies). I’m happy pulling trout out of cold water with the admitedly shabby gear I own!

    Let’s see how it does with the fishies.

  2. Brent,
    Nice job on the rod. You appear to have many talents. It is enjoyable to observe the activity of others. I also build rods and teach rod building. I have a saying I tell to my students, “Catching a fish on a fly you tied is an experience. Catching a fish on a fly you tied and a rod you built is a spiritual experience.”

    Tight Lines


  3. That is so true, Joe. There’s nothing like catching a fish on a rod you built with a fly you tied. –Brent

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