Four-leaf clovers speak to her



I have never seen anything like this. My wife can be walking along at a fairly fast clip, and she will stop, bend over and pick up a four-leaf clover. Amazing.

On a recent walk, the same thing happens, and I turn on the recorder. “How do you do it?” She puts the clover into her blouse like a flower or corsage.

I try to capture the moment with a photo, but we go into this dance like two birds spiraling around each other, flirting, yet not. In the blur of a moment, I capture the spin, her big smile and the prize adorning her top.

As in the past, she claims she does not know how she spots them, but I think she is keeping her secret to herself. As we find four-leaf clovers on our walks, we’ve been known to give them to passing neighbors or strangers. It always makes them smile. They feel lucky.

I am the lucky one.

See you on the highway.


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  1. Brent, you should make a 4 leaf clover your logo. Bike, helmet, web site! It would be a great conversation starter! Hay dude what’s that 4.

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