A Conversation with Zoe Cano, London

blogger-image--200477656Here in the USA, many adventure motorcyclists dream of riding outside the country, riding to some far away place, or going around the world. Of course, there are those here who believe there is more than enough to see in the USA in a lifetime.

Last year, I followed the Tweets and posts of Bonneville Adventure and found it very interesting that one rider’s goal was to ride across America on a motorcycle.

Zoe Cano, of London, England, had a dream—to return to the United States and see the country by motorcycle. Her bucket list item became an obsession, making choices, establishing priorities, and planning for four years to make it a reality. In the summer of 2012, she packed her bags, flew to the states, picked up a Triumph Bonneville T100, and started out across the country on a ride of a lifetime.

Along the way, she hit all the towns and places she planned, met friends along the way, found adventure, hung out with cowboys, and breathed in the greatness of the countryside and out of the way places.

Upon reaching her destination, she turned in her Bonneville, and flew back to her home in London, where she is working on a book about fulfilling one’s dreams.


Here’s our conversation:


You can read about her adventures on her web site, Bonneville Adventure.

Thanks for listening.

See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “A Conversation with Zoe Cano, London”

  1. Brent
    What can I say? It was a true pleasure spending time with you last week talking transatlantic on the stories and adventures of the +5000 mile East to West coast trip along the “roads lesser known” that I discovered last year. Your interviewing skills are second to none and you’ve given me even more inspiration to go out and explore yet again if only to tell the stories back to you! My book “Bonneville Go or Bust” is currently being written and the conversation with you made it all come back to life again – thank you and happy travels – Zoe

  2. Zoe, You’re welcome! It was my pleasure to chat with you. Isn’t Skype a wonderful thing! –Brent

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