Attending Horizons Unlimited North Carolina

I had wanted to attend a Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting for a long time, just to get the experience and learn more about Round-the-World motorcycling (RTW). The idea of riding a motorcycle around the world is a fascinating concept. More riders are doing it than ever before, but I’m not sure I am one of those. Still, everything learned here is applicable to riding in North America and destinations south of the border, like Mexico, Central and South America.


Our local host was Mike Kilpatrick, and he made the HU experience a good one, working tirelessly to see that all the sessions were coordinated and helping attendees with their questions. According to Mike, about 100 pre-registered and walk-ins were at the meeting, held at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Resort, Stecoah, North Carolina.

What I liked about the HU meeting is the relaxed, informal nature of it. Riders came to learn and share experience and knowledge. It’s not formal at all, and it reminded me of some of the more recent meet-ups which is aimed at sharing and learning. The neat thing about Horizons Unlimited is that they have been doing this for at least eight years at the North Carolina site, and that’s just one of the dozen or so sites around the world!

There is one other HU Meeting coming up in the USA. It’s in Cambria, California, later this month. If you’re interested in learning more about long distance motorcycle travel or border crossings into a foreign land, then seek out the Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting nearest you and sign up.

I could write on and on, but here are two audio reports that tell the story pretty well—an interview with an RTW rider and my report on Sidestand Up.

HU-NC-2An interview with Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart from Great Britain has been riding around the world since March, 2011, on his Yamaha XT 660 Tenere. Personal setbacks put him on the road to see the world while he still can. He talks about motorcycling, border crossing, dangers on the road, and the incredible hospitality of strangers. He says people around the world have the same fondness for hearing stories of travel, even willing to share a meal for a story.

With about 52,000 miles already completed, Stewart is headed to Central America next, and he expects to continue riding around the world for the next 5, 10 or 20 years. That’s definitely a long way around.

Here is our interview:


Report on SideStand Up

Tom Lowdermilk, host and producer of Sidestand Up, asked me to report on the Horizons Unlimited meeting. Here is that portion of the episode. Below is the weirdest adventure bike that came to the meeting, and was the focus of one session, the Great Survivor of Wesser Creek Scooter Fire Coast-to-Coast Ride.



Thanks for listening.

See you on the highway.







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  1. Like you, I’m fascinated with the idea, but I think it’s a younger person’s game. Someone who doesn’t have to,.or want to,worry about family, children, grandchildren at a certain stage of their life. I enjoy my time on the road, but I don’t want the local cycle repair manager being the only person showing up for my funeral.

  2. Actually, Marv, the Guzzi is pretty reliable. And, if you’re comfortable with that, the distance to a dealer is kind of a mute point. The peace of mind comes with buying a reliable motorcycle. –Brent

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