A half day at the BMW MOA National Rally

I attended one other BMW MOA National Rally, West Bend, Wisconsin, in 2007. It seems to me that the BMW rallies are more family oriented than other manufacturers. Although, I may get some rebuttal on this, and that’s okay. I’d love to hear about your family outings at motorcycle rallies and events.

My brother was planning on attending, and this event was very near the start of the Oregon Trail. So, I decided to spend a half day with Brian, perusing the vendors and talking with others.


It was a hot, scorching day with temps approaching 100 degrees. I lucked out by not pre-registering. The pre-registered line was massive, and I was about 10 people back in the not-registered line. Something seems amiss with this fact. You pre-register so you don’t have to stand in line, right?



Everyone seemed to be headed to the air-conditioned buildings, me included. The variety of vendors was substantial, and there was plenty to look at even for a non-BMW owner. Lots of accessories. I also met a number of folks, including a face to face visit with Tom Lowdermilk, producer and host of SideStandUp. I’ve been on his program a couple of times as guest and correspondent and a chat-room visitor for a couple of years.

Finally, the time arrived. The Oregon Trail beckoned, and I departed Sedalia, Missouri, for the start of the trail in Independence, Missouri, on the Missouri River.

See you on the highway.


3 Replies to “A half day at the BMW MOA National Rally”

  1. Morning! I’m actually talking to Vince Winkel of BMW MOA this morning about attracting more women and families. Should be a fabulous conversation!

  2. Cool! I enjoyed your Great Divide ride. Perhaps one day, I will get to meet the famous Adventure Trio in person. –Brent

  3. Tom gave you a shout out on this week’s SSU show. He is looking forward to attending the breakfast group in Indy.

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