I finished building my fly rod

It’s a first for me. I bought my first fly rod in my twenties. Forty years later, I own a few others, but have never built a fly rod. This past year, having become more active in our local fly fishing club, Buckeye United Fly Fishers, I have started tying flies and helping others. When the rod building class was announced, I was second in line to sign up.

Six weeks later, I have a fine 7’6” 4 weight travel rod for carrying on the motorcycle. It was an amazing experience, and I must admit, addictive. Lots of fun. I’ve been scanning through the rod building catalog looking at other possible projects. I’ve always wanted a 3 weight.

See you on the river …. I mean highway.


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  1. Very nice. Though I don’t travel with a fly rod much at all (much too fast a pace to stop!), I recall a time when I did. Returning to SoCal from New Mexico in the mid-90’s, I was on a country road that paralleled a small creek. I thought, “I’ll be there are some trout in there.”

    I stopped and walked down a grassy bank with my rod, hooked up a nymph and waited to see what would bite.

    It was a beautiful day; quiet but for the bubbling brook. I smelled the grass and felt the sun.

    I woke up there on the grass. Didn’t catch a thing that day, but it sure is a fine memory and it reminds me that I need to start carrying my travel rod.

    Thanks for a nice post, Brent.


  2. Thanks for that comment, Danny. This year, I am going to ride more miles, but slow down a lot. I’m going to stop and smell the flowers more frequently, and throw a line or two along the way. –Brent

  3. I’ll show it to you in Arizona at Overland Expo, Bob. I’m thinking i might throw a line in Mormon Lake. –Brent

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