Kicking more tires, riding season is upon us

It has to be the springtime atmosphere. I was out on the motorcycle on Saturday, and riding is on my mind, which of course has me thinking and looking … AGAIN. I’ve spent too much time looking and dreaming. Of course, that may be the fun of it, or it could be obsessive compulsive disorder or maybe adult attention deficit disorder. Whatever.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC

The last time I told my wife I was going to buy a new helmet, I came home with a Trek 7300. “Honey, look! I bought a new helmet and they threw in a bicycle!” To this day, I don’t think she believed all of that story. Not that there is a hint or relationship between buying a new helmet and a new bike, but I just ordered a new motorcycle helmet. My main and rational excuse: the old one leaks around the face shield in the rain. I’ve wanted a white helmet for some time, so white it is, and I’ve said repeatedly for the past two years, my next bike is going to be white. It’s a fashion statement.

Here’s a bike in white: Triumph Tiger 800 XC. Is this just California Dreaming? It’s like the girl next door. You’ve been around her for a while, and just now noticing her.

See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “Kicking more tires, riding season is upon us”

  1. Brent, you’re only young once…and not for much longer. Quit dinking around and buy the bike. It will revitalize you like having a new girl friend but without the complications.

  2. Doug, you are so wise, AND you get right to the point. I’m not planning on getting rid of the V-Strom, and I think this is too much like it. But then …. oh well, too much thinking. 🙂 –Brent

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