Editing my social networks

Here’s the thing I’m dealing with. You can spend so much time on social networks, networking, that you spend less time working on what you’re supposed to be working on. That’s why I’m making some changes, and limiting my social networking efforts. Yes, I am actually deleting some social network accounts, and keeping and further developing the ones that work for me.

Here’s where you can find me on the social networks I’ve elected to keep.

Each of these social networks play a role with different content and focus. There will be some occasional overlap. What I’m working towards is more time traveling, writing, photographing, and talking with you. So, stay in touch.

Of course, I hope you come here to this web site often to read and interact.

See you on the highway.


3 Replies to “Editing my social networks”

  1. Brent,

    I’d like to add you to my Marv Stasak Photography Google+ circle, but I think you have to put me in yours first. At least, that’s how I think it works.

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