Sights and sounds of cyclocross at GearFest

Dayton, Ohio

GearFest came to my attention via a mention by a Subaru e-mail. It sounded like fun, so I planned to attend with camera and digital recorder. I arrived early enough to get a fairly good parking spot, and by the time I left, I was glad I had come early. Parking was pretty far out and a good hike. Of course, hiking would be a good thing.

Occupying the most space was the cyclocross race, and course. I managed to get a few pics and a little sound.


Listen to the sound as the cyclists race by.




In six years, GearFest has become such a big event that Dayton’s Five Rivers MetroParks is changing the name to Midwest Outdoor Experience, and hoping to making it the premiere event in the Midwest. With sponsors like Subaru, Yakima, Keen, Eddie Bauer and others, it is well on its way. With the evolution of GearFest to the Midwest Outdoor Experience, organizers hope to “establish Dayton, Ohio as the ‘Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest’.”

More photos from Midwest Outdoor Experience can be viewed here.

See you on the highway.


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