Motorcycle dreaming

I’ve been thinking about other motorcycles lately. It appears Suzuki is going to update the V-Strom, and a few details and photos were leaked prematurely. There was a feeding frenzy by moto journalists and several trade publications.

I really like my V-Strom, and I have not found anything that might replace it. But, what if I was looking for something different to ride, a second bike, a stable mate to the DL650. There have been several motorcycles on my short list, including a little nostalgia.

Doug Klassen, Forty Years on Two Wheels, sent me a link to a video of his dream bike, and it just so happens it’s on my short list. We’ve been trading e-mails. Here’s a video link he sent:

Cycle World Presents: The Jack Pine Triumph Scrambler


I’ve lusted over a Scrambler for some time. Having watched this video several times, including the times before Doug sent it to me, I decided to ride to my nearest Triumph dealer, Joe’s Cycle in Dayton. They report a Scrambler shortage—no 2011s available. Well … doesn’t that beat all. It’s probably just as well.

I had a nice ride. Wandered a bit.

See you on the highway.


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