4 Replies to “Are you going to San Francisco?”

  1. I’ve only been to S.F. once. In the cab of an 18 wheeler. Hauled a sailboat from MA. to the Wharf in S.F. unloaded the boat, and got out of dodge. I wish I could have explored the area, but they (the marina) wouldn’t let us leave the truck in their lot to explore for the day. What a disappointment. It pleases me to see you had a great time in San Fran. and that your celebration of marriage was not marred by the wet weather so famous for the area! Happy 25th Brent!

  2. Happy anniversary to you two! 25 years is a fine accomplishment and I wish you at least 25 more together.

  3. Congratulations! Glad the weather cooperated..
    We just celebrated our 39 th on 5/22.

  4. Hey, Bob and Doug. I was thinking about you while out here in SF, and wondering when I will make it back to Arizona on the motorcycle. Hope it is not too long. –Brent

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