1st Ride of 2011

Although it rained over night on New Year’s Eve, the weather forecast for the first day of 2011 was promising for the afternoon. And, the forecast was accurate enough to roll the motorcycle out and take a ride on the first day of the year.

See you on the highway.


4 Replies to “1st Ride of 2011”

  1. Hey Brent got out on New Years Eve and New Years Days as well. Pretty gusty on New Years Eve but with temps in the low 60’s it was great to be out on 2 wheels again. Actually, there were quite a few people out on motorcycles enjoying the break in the weather as well. Sometimes you do get incredulous looks from the cagers (that’s people in cars) but, I believe I’m having more fun than they are. If the roads are dry and the temps are above 45 I’ll ride. Heated grips and seat make for a more pleasant and extended ride. Do you use any of the heated apparel? I’ve checked some items online but they do seem a bit pricey. Not convinced I could justify the price right now. So at least until the weather becomes more conducive I’ll have to satisfy my 2 wheel wanderlust reading posts on ADVrider and your blog. Thanks.

  2. Mike, I do not use any heated gear. I can dress comfortably into the lower 40s, and will ride in the upper 30s if it is going to warm up. Otherwise, I park the bike.

  3. Have you any bike trips planned for this spring? Seems you always have something cool and interesting going on.

  4. Yes. I have several projects planned which work towards filling in my “States Visited by Motorcycle” map. See the About page.

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