A new writing space

There have been two areas in the house where I work, at the kitchen table and downstairs in the cave, where the desktop and all the printers are located. Both of these locations inhibit work, in my opinion. The kitchen area is too close to the refrigerator and there is a TV. The downstairs office has no natural light. It also tends to get a little cluttered.

The obvious solution is to install a desk in the den. We had looked at desks at quite a few furniture and office stores, but found nothing we could both agree on. But a recent trip to Ikea produced a simple inexpensive solution.


It’s a modular desk, and I also bought the little bookshelf in the corner to help tie the room together. Clean and simple. I hung a couple of pieces of my art on the wall—something from my days as the official photographer for the South Bend Silver Hawks. Total cost of desk and small bookcase—$134.

This post, is the first production at the new desk, and there will be more writing from here. The natural light is terrific. It’s a good space. Now, if I can just keep this space from gathering clutter with piles of papers and camera bags.

See you on the highway.