Where you headed?

Sojourn Poetry

Perhaps it was my motorcycle boots, rain pants and fleece jacket
that gave me away, while everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts.

The young man approached me and asked,
”Is that your V-Strom out there? Nice bike.”

“Yes. It’s mine. Do you ride”

“Yes, a Suzuki DR 350.
Where you headed? Where are you from?”

“Ohio and headed to Colorado.”

“Cool. Well, have a good ride.”
And, he walked away.

I did not notice anybody else approach any other person
in the fast food joint and say something like
”Nice pick up truck you got there. Where you headed?

Motorcycles seem to bring that out in people.


There was this girl

Sojourn Poetry

The old man walked towards the motorcycle
and asked, “Where you from? Where you going?”

“I’m from Ohio, and headed to Colorado?
Where you from?”

“I’m headed home to Oklahoma City.”

“But, you’re wearing a Nebraska Corn Huskers t-shirt.”

“Ah, well, I’m originally from Nebraska,
but I met this girl in Oklahoma.”

I’m not sure what brought that smile to his face,
talking about the motorcycle, or that girl in Oklahoma.


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