I am an Indie Traveler

I love to travel. My favorite books are travel essays. It’s easier to learn about places and people through travel. Travel brings insight and understanding.

It was an easy decision for me when I learned about the Indie Traveler Manifesto. I decided to sign the manifesto and to support the idea of travel.


Granted, travel is different for everyone. Some travel for recreation. some to visit families. Some to see art or experience history or culture. Whether you are traveling in only your state, or region, the United States of America or the Americas, or the world, you can turn your travels into meaningful travel.

Are you an Indie Traveler?

See you on the highway.


I am missing you again

Sojourn Poetry

You backed out the drive, turned the wheels,
put it in drive and started out the neighborhood.

I gave a “missing you already” wave,
and you gave one back.

Our business and travels have kept us apart,
but our hearts and spirits are one.

For soul mates such as us, there is no parting,
only a missing piece.


Another near misadventure averted

Sojourn Poetry

On the western plains of Kansas
the signs of gas ahead are fewer and farther between.

The flashing fuel sign on the dashboard gives pause
as it flashes from low to extremely low.

Second doubts settle in about passing that last exit
while the weather creates another distraction.

The ominous, nearly black clouds to the right produce intense winds
requiring an extreme lean on the motorcycle to keep it straight.

The edge of the storm is just ahead
if only I can get past it.

Signs of civilization appear on the horizon.
It begins to rain as I exit the highway.

Under the cover of the gas station canopy, I refuel,
put on my rain gear and proceed down the Interstate.

Another near misadventure averted.


Where you headed?

Sojourn Poetry

Perhaps it was my motorcycle boots, rain pants and fleece jacket
that gave me away, while everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts.

The young man approached me and asked,
”Is that your V-Strom out there? Nice bike.”

“Yes. It’s mine. Do you ride”

“Yes, a Suzuki DR 350.
Where you headed? Where are you from?”

“Ohio and headed to Colorado.”

“Cool. Well, have a good ride.”
And, he walked away.

I did not notice anybody else approach any other person
in the fast food joint and say something like
”Nice pick up truck you got there. Where you headed?

Motorcycles seem to bring that out in people.


There was this girl

Sojourn Poetry

The old man walked towards the motorcycle
and asked, “Where you from? Where you going?”

“I’m from Ohio, and headed to Colorado?
Where you from?”

“I’m headed home to Oklahoma City.”

“But, you’re wearing a Nebraska Corn Huskers t-shirt.”

“Ah, well, I’m originally from Nebraska,
but I met this girl in Oklahoma.”

I’m not sure what brought that smile to his face,
talking about the motorcycle, or that girl in Oklahoma.