The bags are packed for Overland Expo

The bags are packed, and as usual, it’s probably more gear than I really need to take. Tomorrow, I’ll head out for Amado, Arizona, and the 3rd annual Overland Expo, where adventurers are gathering to learn from each other, April 1-3.

When the adventure is over, I’ll post an article. If you want to follow along, the only way to stay informed is to subscribe to the Studio News. I am giving my subscribers the first updates to the stories in return for their faithful following.

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Travel begins with a solid Travelosophy

The latest Studio News has been issued, discussing travelosophy—the philosophy of travel, where all good travels begin. Rather than repeating myself, read the Studio News. AND, don’t forget to subscribe because the next issue of the Studio News, is a Sojourn Chronicles Special Report exclusively for Studio News subscribers. It’s all about travel and adventure. It’s free … the subscription, that is.

See you on the highway.


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One of the reasons I closed the Sojourn Chronicles web site was because I wanted to publish material differently and on one web site. I am experimenting with travelogues and full fledged articles. Subscribers to the Studio News are going to get the first efforts at this new publishing. I will be updating readers from the road in the Studio News. When the travel is over, and the full article(s) is written, subscribers to the Studio News will get the first opportunity to download and read. That’s why you want to be a subscriber. So fill out the form and get your own copy. Like the RSS feed, the Studio News is free. You can unsubscribe at any time. Both subscriptions are completely opt-in and/or out. Your subscription information or e-mail address stays right here.

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The adventure begins in less than two weeks.

See you on the highway.


Photo gear tips and a BIG announcement

The latest Studio News has been issued, and includes tips on camera gear and one BIG announcement for subscribers of the Studio News. Read it here.

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I’ve received very positive feedback from readers about the Studio News. People enjoy reading it, especially the travel related material. To thank you for your faithful readership, I have decided to give you first reports for an upcoming adventure, and when the adventure is complete, a free download to a full article. These reports will be identified with a unique banner, Sojourn Chronicles Special Report, and will not be produced on the web site blog. It’s for Studio News subscribers only!

The special reports will be all travelogue with a few tips thrown in, and will be sent from the road on a daily basis. I hope you will be entertained and perhaps enlightened, enough so that you will tell your friends.

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The adventure begins later this month.

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