More Signs of Spring


The flowers are well on their way
pushing up through the mulch.
The trees have displayed their flowers
and now leaves of green are protruding from the stems.
Bird watchers report the northern migration
and so, the Hummingbird feeder has been installed.
The magic of the hummers and their territorial dance
is just a short time away, for it is the beginning of Spring.

Be well. Stay safe. See you on the highway.


Gardens in the Spring

There must be farmer or gardener DNA in my genes. I am always calmed in the presence of Spring as new growth emerges from the ground.


Take for example, the hardy hostas. They sprout up through the ground every year in dazzling greens and variations. Some are solid colored. Some have white edges with green in the middle of the leaf, and some are just the opposite, white with green edges. Such variety. They are just like people. We come in such a variety of colors and backgrounds, and when nurtured and allowed to grow, we flower for the benefit of others, for the community.

In the mornings, when the weather permits, I like to take my coffee outside to the edge of the garden. I listen to the birds, watch the sun rise, and revel in the growth of the garden. It is a peaceful place to start the day, and a reminder of the diversity of our world.

See you on the highway.


The first full day of Spring

The temperature increases dramatically from yesterday as a warm front rises from the south. Mostly light clouds pass overhead in a light breeze.


The mid afternoon brings darker skies and distant sounds like big trucks passing on the highway, but there are no trucks. Finally, the crack and rumble gives away the ominous presence of thunderstorms.

The wind picks up as the rain begins and then pours. Pea-sized hail slams against the house and onto the patio. Lightning illuminates the skyline.

Almost as quickly as it came, the storm passes and sunshine is peaking through.