Fire destroys Rabbit Hash store

RABBIT HASH, KENTUCKY—Fire broke out about 9 p.m. and even though firefighters from several districts responded, the flames leveled the Rabbit Hash General Store. This out-of-the-way, historic destination on the Ohio River was visited by thousands.

Rabbit Hash was on my list of places to visit for the Ohio River Towns project. Fortunately, I was there in 2010 to get a few pictures.



Here is the Wikipedia listing for Rabbit Hash.

You can see local news coverage of the fire from WCPO here.

See you on the highway.


Ohio River Bridges

Late in the evening, with ominous looking clouds rolling across the area, the bridges across the Ohio River from Belpre, OH, to Parkersburg, WV, provided an intriguing image of light and shadow.


See you on the highway.


Ohio River at New Richmond

Recently, the Ohio River was near flood stage. It has gone down quite a bit. Here in New Richmond, southeast of Cincinnati, flood stage is at 52’ the same as Cincinnati. You can see on the flood stage marker how high 52’ is, and almost detect the recent waterline mark. That’s a lot of water.


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Ohio River at Flood Stage

Wanting to get out on the motorcycle, I rode to Ault Park overlooking the Ohio River. There were quite a few other curious people examining the flood level of the river. At the time of the picture, it is about two feet above flood stage.

Ohio River at Flood_12Mar2011

Ault Park is east of the Cincinnati down town. The view is to the east looking upriver.


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