A new visitor to the neighborhood

What is that sound? is it mechanical? An animal?

Barely awake and certainly not dressed, the sound came in varying low pitches, and was barely discernable. Was I hearing things? Has the sump pump given up?

Through the window, it was soft. Hoooo, hoooo, hoo, hoot. But the next round of noise was different, like a different sentence from the same voice. Hoo, hoooo, hoooo, hoo, hoot.

Throwing on a pair of shoes and my winter jacket, I stepped to the front porch into a cold December morning. The noise was coming from the woods to the northeast, and louder now. HOOO, HOOO, HOOT.

Definitely an owl, calling out to or for a mate maybe?

Thank you for visiting this morning, my feathery friend. You have given me a smile to start the day. If you see him, say “hello” to the wily coyote that ran down the street two days ago.


The Quiet of the Day

It’s a busy place in the morning at Iron Horse Motorcycle Resort in Stecoah, North Carolina. Riders are packing up or heading out for rides in the surrounding countryside. The sounds of motorcycles fill the air. Later in the day, the motorcycles will return and new visitors arriving.


But, during the middle of the day, all is quiet. A few folks linger in conversation. This is the time of day, to sit and listen to nature. The creek gurgles its way down the mountainside. It’s soft, gentle sounds soothes the spirit and reminds one to take time to reflect and rejuvenate. Enjoy the moment. Breath deeply of its air, for it is soul-sustaining.

See you on the highway.


Location: Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge, Stecoah, NC

February runoff or rest for the spirit

Earlier this week, we had quite a bit of rain. After the runoff, there were numerous flood warnings, and I produced a slide show of images, but this one kind of struck a chord with me. Flooding does not bring peace or respite for the soul. But yet, a place like the one depicted here can be very mesmerizing as the sound of gurgling water refreshes the spirit.

February Runoff

Listen to the sound.