The Joy Will Come


Early Spring and hope is essential
For we are quarantined
Trying to avoid something we cannot see.

The flowerbeds begin to change
Showing new life. Memories and photos
Reveal what will be.


Be well. Stay safe. The joy will come.


Easter ride

It’s Easter. He is risen and all things are new again.

There is something about a motorcycle ride in Spring when the trees are turning from empty to green with early leaves and buds. The roads with no center line or any paint markings are a joy to ride. To explore. Occassionally, a beautiful red bud tree shows its shade of red among the green giving a wonderful contrast of those country roads.

Oh the joy of a springtime ride.

See you on the highway.


Virtual Landscape Comes to the Kitchen

The image caught my eye and I captured it with the camera. But, it feels like cheating to create a landscape caught on the TV screen. Does this count as a landscape?

VR-Landscape 3-31-2018

I need to get out more often with the camera.

See you on the highway.


Morning Mist on the Pond


Mist rises from the pond as does the sun on the horizon.
There is peace in the moment, a calming scene
reminding us a place can be found that is devoid of the world’s chaos.

See you on the highway.


Visiting a special place

Destinations can offer up plenty of activities and things to do, but sometimes, all you want is a place to sit.


In downtown St. Joseph, Michigan, which sits at the mouth of the St. Joseph River on Lake Michigan, city leaders were wise enough to preserve the bluff overlooking the lake in a park like setting. Below the bluff, there is some development, but also the greatest asset of the city, Lake Michigan and its beaches.

On the bluff, there is an opening in the trees with a park swing facing the lake. It is the best, uninhibited view of the lake. You can sit and feel the breeze come in off the lake full of the aroma of a large body of water. It’s a sweetness like no other.

Sailboats and fishing boats make their way out the protection of the river into the lake past the St. Joe Lighthouse. It is very calming, relaxing, and near euphoric. Cost of parking: 10 minutes or more of driving around waiting for a spot. Cost of sitting in the park overlooking the lake: nothing. Value of the moment: priceless.

See you on the highway.