Movie Review: The Highest Pass

Showing now, in select theatres across the country, is a documentary film about a group of individuals following a spiritual teacher, all on Royal Enfields riding to the highest pass in the world at 18,380′ in the Himalayas, Khardungla Pass. In August, the film will be available on DVD, and it’s one you just might want to watch … several times.

Written by Adam Schomer and co-produced by Schomer and Jon Fitzgerald, it is a film about relationships between student and teacher, and stepping outside one’s comfort zone … way outside. The motorcycle adventure is the medium. The lessons learned are deeply internal and personal.

“Only the one who dies truly lives. Then there is liberation from fear.”  –Anand

The movie starts with the writer saying, “I am ready … to truly live.” And the narration begins with how this documentary came to be—an introduction to the teacher Anand, a motorcycle riding, iPod using, yogi. Although, it falls a little short on explaining how the other riders came to be on this adventure, and why they are all on new Royal Enfield motorcycles. One can only imagine there was some sponsorship for the film. Nevertheless, it is a remarkable film full of drama, hardship, contention, accidents, personal growth, camaraderie, enlightenment, joy and euphoria of achievement.

“Challenges reveal who you really are.” –Anand

The motorcycle adventure is 15 days to reach the highest pass, more than 2,000 kilometers. There are many instances and lessons about riding in India. Anand says to ride aggressively defensive! You get the picture—narrow roads with traffic barely staying in their own lanes and every vehicle out for themselves.

There are two components of this film: 1) A motorcycle adventure with incredible cinematography and 2) Lessons in spirituality for personal growth. There is no one religion preached here. It is wisdom and universal truths shared by all religions. It certainly gives one pause for reflection, and isn’t that what it’s about? The film does it well.

The Highest Pass, released by Cinema Libre Studio, will be available on DVD in August, 2012. The music, composed by Michael R. Mollura, will have you looking for the CD.

“The highest road in the world is within us. This whole journey is to know that.” –Anand

The movie trailer:

See you on the highway.


(Note: Cinema Libre Studio provided a pre-release DVD of the movie for screening purposes only.)