Motorcycle Tenkara


The waters of Caesar Creek Gorge called my name
and the siren call was too much to bear.

The motorcycle waiting patiently in the garage called my name
and the siren call was too much to bear.

Which call should I listen to?
Which leisurely activity will win this battle?

“Both,” I said.
And so I gave in to the siren calls.


Hiking at the Caesar Creek Nature Preserve

Sometimes, I just have to combine two of my favorite pastimes—motorcycling and hiking. And so I found myself on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, motorcycling one my favorite roads to a favorite hiking spot, Caesar Creek Nature Preserve.


I entered the trail and wound my way along the creek, observing how high the water is and how fast it was running. Clearly, the Army Corps of Engineers has increased the output at the dam, just a couple of miles up creek.


There was only one other car in the parking lot, it’s occupants nowhere to be seen. It’s like I had all the trails to myself. How serene!


See you on the highway.



The Hiking Trail

Just north of the hamlet of Oregonia, Ohio, along the Little Miami River, there is a nature preserve and a parking lot that accommodates maybe a dozen vehicles. The entrance to Little Miami Caesar Creek State Nature Area is on Corwin Road, and also sits next to Caesar Creek, fed by the Corps of Engineers reservoir project, Caesar Creek Lake.

At the other end of the parking area is a groomed path that follows the creek, winding eastward back up through the gorge to the tail water area of the dam, and another park area with access from the state park. It is a wonderful hike through hardwood forest along a pristine creek, deep enough for good sized fish. Peek over the bank at the right spot and you will see the fish swimming about in the water, waiting for food to wash down the creek into their waiting jaws.

The hike to the dam seems to take forever, even though it’s probably less than a mile. Maybe it’s the wonderment of nature and the stopping to smell the flowers that makes it seem like a farther distance and a longer hike, but I don’t mind.


Taking time for renewal

Caesar Creek Reservoir, Waynesville, OH


Inspired by an old friend from Granger, IN,
I wandered the back roads to Caesar Creek Reservoir
where I took time to reflect and meditate.

The world is spinning too fast.
Not physically, but the speed at which information
is flowing through the vast number of outlets.

Social media is anything but social.
Cable has too many channels, many not worth watching.
The global news says we’re on the precipice of economic tragedy.

What I need, what the world needs, is a little time out.
Disconnect for a few minutes.
Find your true self and proceed from there.




See you on the highway.