For 180 years the foundation of this path
has provided a conveyance.
Little Miami Railroad until 1981,
then rails turned into trails.

Today, bicycles, hikers and a horse or two
follow the same path
as Abraham Lincoln on his route to inauguration
and Confederate General John Hunt Morgan escaping prison.

Two sets of mile markers measure distance.
Little Miami River distance markers are measured from the
mouth of the Ohio River.
Bike Trail markers are measured from Xenia Station to Cincinnati.

Hikers, bikers and walkers with their pets,
enjoying the trail or kayaking on the river,
are they thinking about the history of this scenic place?
Are they thinking of all those who came before to create it?


Little Miami Conservancy: Little Miami National Wild and Scenic River
Friends of the Little Miami State Park: Trail Maps

Left or right?


The steps led to a path
in which you must turn left or right.
Left or right.
Left or right?
Life is like that, isn’t it.


Sunday Morning in Santa Fe


Blue sky with whiffs of feather-like clouds.
Church bells ringing from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.
People milling about in the courtyard waiting for the doors to open and Sunday Mass to begin.
Parking attendants with hi-viz vests direct church-going families in their cars to empty parking spaces.
The crowd in the courtyard grows larger then moves inside.
The view from the hotel balcony is peaceful and solemn.


Conversations at a coffee shop


[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=https://www.dbrentmiller.com/audio/coffee-shop-background.mp3]

Every week, I meet with two friends at a local coffee shop.
Arriving early, and waiting patiently, I notice the conversations
taking place around me.

The table next to ours also has regulars, and their conversation
on this morning is of a political nature, likes and dislikes, who
is a “bumbling idiot” and who will lead the nation next.

In the corner, a young man sits by himself with his laptop
with ear buds plugged in. His fingers tap away on the keyboards.
Is he listening to music? A podcast? Taking notes?

A woman passes by with her coffee and a tray. She sits and waits,
and is soon joined by a man. They converse in low volume. Are they friends?
Co-workers? Spouses? Perhaps lovers meeting on the sly.

Conversations abound all around me until finally my friends arrive.
Handshakes start the gathering. A quick note of the weather,
and a new conversation begins filling the air with camaraderie and laughter.