Just another routine of winter

The silence of the snow falling is interrupted by the sound of the snow shovel. Scraaaaap, swoosh. Scraaaaaap, swoosh. Crossing the drive back and forth and clearing a path on the sidewalk until the layer of snow has been removed. Boots stomp on the garage floor, shaking off clinging snow and then the garage door descends closing out another episode of the routine of winter.


A good pair of boots

Boots are a very personal item. A good pair of boots are like an old friend never tossed aside no matter what.

Finding a good pair of boots is a challenge. When new, they are stiff and need a good breaking in. And if what seemed like a good pair when new turns out to be not so great, it’s back to the boot store for something different. And the process starts over.

A new pair of boots



There are times when words are the subject of art, like this relic of a sign that surely hung over a gallery or art supply retailer.


Camera: Canon EOS 3 w/Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm/1.4 lens. Film: Ilford PanF+.