New Burlington Cemetery


I have traveled down New Burlington Road many times while out for a leisurely ride on the motorcycle, and have passed this cemetery without much notice. But, the other day, I noticed and turned in to the New Burlington Cemetery, wondering what I might find on the hillside. Curiosity was my guide.

It appears that the cemetery began as the Jenkins family plot circa 1806. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 opened up the Northwest Territories and pioneers began settling the land now known as Ohio. Many old cemeteries began as family plots.

I pulled to the middle of the cemetery, noticing more recent burial plots and modern headstones. But there in the middle was an unexpected memorial. It was a tribute to the men and women of the armed forces who are buried there. The names on the list was extensive. Both sides of the memorial gave honor to those who served. Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. I noticed that the U.S. Coast Guard was omitted, perhaps an innocent omission.


A cemetery that began in 1806 must certainly have an older section, and I found it at the very back in the corner of this peaceful piece of land.


I walked amongst the headstones looking at the records of birth and death. I also noticed the recognition of military service with the placement of small American Flags. Such is the final resting place of so many, and buried with them their family history.

I wandered back to my motorcycle, and rolled out of the cemetery pausing to take another picture of my curious adventure into history.


Be well. Travel safe. See you on the highway.


Ready to Ride

We have been self quarantined since March 13. That’s 8+ weeks. We are managing nicely and getting along just fine. But, I am ready to ride. Not just a short one, but a long, overnight travel on the motorcycle.

2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650 packed for travel
My previous motorcycle, a 2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650, loaded and ready to attend the Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting in Virginia-a four day get-together with friends old and new.

I have managed short rides just to get out of the house. An hour or so. Around the block. The big block. And those rides have me dreaming about the bigger ones.

Several overnight trips were on my calendar. That is, until this coronavirus came along and tossed my calendar into the garbage. Perhaps one or two can still be salvaged. It all depends upon travel conditions. What will be open? What closed? Facilities and accommodations.

Every time I take one of the bikes out for one of those get-out-of-the-house, short rides, I think just a few more miles before I turn towards home. And then, I return home refreshed.

Are you getting in any riding?

See you on the highway.


More Signs of Spring


The flowers are well on their way
pushing up through the mulch.
The trees have displayed their flowers
and now leaves of green are protruding from the stems.
Bird watchers report the northern migration
and so, the Hummingbird feeder has been installed.
The magic of the hummers and their territorial dance
is just a short time away, for it is the beginning of Spring.

Be well. Stay safe. See you on the highway.


The Joy Will Come


Early Spring and hope is essential
For we are quarantined
Trying to avoid something we cannot see.

The flowerbeds begin to change
Showing new life. Memories and photos
Reveal what will be.


Be well. Stay safe. The joy will come.


One Thing I Dislike about the V-Strom 650

I like to visit motorcycle dealerships and kick tires. What is out there that catches my eye? Is there a possible new and/or different bike in my future?

Not many bikes really catch my eye. I guess I am looking for something that fits my personality and riding style. That’s why I happened upon the Suzuki V-Strom 650 back in 2007. With it, I learned that “less is more.” It is a very capable bike, and I should know, I have owned three V-Strom 650s. A 2008, 2015 and my current ride, a 2017.


I have put nearly 100,000 miles on these three bikes and have ridden to all 48 states on the 2008 and 2015. Why did I buy the second and then the third? I really like this bike. It is smooth, economical, can do it all, easy on the maintenance, and great MPG. I cannot imagine the next generation being any better than the one I have now, but that has been the case for each.


Two Kawasaki KLRs caught my eye. They are great dual sport bikes, but not like the V-Strom. I owned a Suzuki SV 650 for a while. It was a great little roadster, but it was not a V-Strom. Even the V-Strom 1000 … a V-Strom itself … is not like the little 650.

I have swapped bikes with friends for short rides. I always want my V-Strom back. I have test rode several Moto Guzzis. I think the Guzzi is pure Italian sexy. But, I did not like the Guzzis enough to buy one. The V9 Roamer has come the closest, and may still be that one bike. I have come to believe that I am more in love with the idea of a Moto Guzzi than actually owning one.

V-9 Roamer

I’ve tested Triumphs, but not interested. The new Kawasaki W-800 now coming to the USA really caught my interest, but … it’s not a V-Strom. Nope to Harley-Davidson and BMW. No Honda has caught my eye. The little Italian bike manufacturer, SWM, looks very interesting with that 600cc dual sport. KTMs are too tall, but the new 390 Adventure looks very interesting. But ….

And so it goes. Nothing can compare to the V-Strom 650, which is probably why it is so popular, and why former owners of the 650 say that is the one bike they wish they still had.

And that, my friends, is the one thing I dislike about the V-Strom 650. It is such a great bike, nothing compares to it. Owning one keeps you from finding another bike that is as good or better. Nothing compares. Perhaps I should buy a second 650 so that I can have a spare.

See you on the highway.