What? Another motorcycle?

I saw a picture of a motorcycle that I used to have, and staring at that image made me realize that was the motorcycle I should not have moved along. I wished I still had it. But, I’m happy with my V-Strom.

Then, Clinton County Motorsports called to say they just got in a 2018 model. Yellow. Kawasaki KLR650. Of course, I said I’d be out to look.


I could not get that KLR out of my mind. I tried for a month to forget about it. And to make things worse, nobody was interested in buying it. It sat there … calling my name … “Brent. Brent, take me home.” So, about a week ago, I did.


And four days later was able to take it out for a first ride.


And now, when I look at that past picture, I feel better.


Let the accessorizing begin!

See you on the highway.


4 Replies to “What? Another motorcycle?”

  1. Brent, you’re getting more like me with each passing year. Maybe we are long, lost brothers! By the way, I’m selling the Kaw 1600 and bought a ’98 Honda Valkyrie.

  2. Well, Doug, being more like you is not a bad thing. 🙂 Maybe we are brothers.

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