A Simple Ride

“Honey, I’m going for a simple ride. I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Okay. Be careful.”


And with that, I rolled the motorcycle out of the garage, started the engine for a warmup, put on my riding jacket, helmet and gloves and straddled the bike. Pulling away from the house, through the neighborhood, and out onto the county road to see where it might lead me. It’s just a simple ride.

What constitutes a simple ride? Around the block? To the store and back? Thirty minutes of country back roads? What does it mean? To me? To you? Lots of questions about a simple ride.

What do you expect to feel when you ride? Exhilaration? Adrenaline rush? Do you push yourself and the motorcycle to reach these sensations? Speeding down the highway flat out, or cruising through the curves with twists and turns and white knuckles? Hearing the roar of the engine with rapid acceleration? Or, are you looking for something else?

The county road flows through the countryside like a river of asphalt. Blue sky above, leafless trees ready for Spring and starting to bud out. There is no other traffic. It’s just me on the motorcycle on the road, rolling along at a moderate pace. The road twists and turns into the valley to follow along the river lined with trees. The sun shines down, casting shadows of trees on the pavement. Music only in my head seems to create a music video, perhaps a piano solo or maybe a guitar. It’s euphoric.

There is a Zen quality to a simple ride. To be a part of the environment. To sense the presence of something bigger than myself. To feel a part of that harmony that we are connected. For we are.

A simple ride? There’s nothing really simple about it.

See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “A Simple Ride”

  1. Thanks Brent. I don’t ride but you brought me to “that place” you go-to with your words. What a nice break from my day, alone on my imaginary bike, racing away from the office at mind-speed. Best regards!

  2. Lovely! It got me to thinking about the first ride of the year and how much I miss this during the winter. For me a lot of the rides I do are ‘simple’ and they are rides where I am not worried about heavy traffic, dodging cars in rush hour. I immensely enjoy quiet ambling rides. I think I learned to love that when I first started riding a few years back on a 50cc scooter, where the reality is its not about fast. I am one of those riders where its not about speed, I love going to a parkinglot and doing slow speed work, it calms my work worn nerves at the end of the day and sometimes this is my simple ride, very satisfying. I also love riding back roads where I can moto wander and soak up sights, smells, sounds, and feel part of the environment. Thanks for the blog post, it got me thinking about the joys of a simple ride.

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