The latest fly rod build

I think I am addicted. Addicted to building fly rods. Here is my latest build. It’s a 9’ 5wt 7-piece rod with a custom rod bag.


Broken down like this and packed, it’s only 18 inches long. Assembled, it’s 9’. This is perfect for taking on motorcycle trips.

There’s nothing like catching fish on a rod you built with a fly you tied. Smile

Do you motorcycle and fly fish?

See you on the highway.


5 Replies to “The latest fly rod build”

  1. I am guessing you have an inside connection for that custom bag. Great looking rod, Brent.

  2. I also fish with a Tenkara 12′ Iwana rod and kabari flies that I have tied. Tenkara–the art of Japanese fly fishing. 🙂

  3. Well done, Brent! That’s a real beaut.

    I scour Craigslist and eBay for fly rods I can easily pack in my saddle bags. Looks like you’ve done it.

    So, where can we find these for sale?

    Ride safe.


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