6 Replies to “Motorcycles for Sale”

  1. Yes, a good influence. However, I’ll probably use the money to travel and use my Canon camera gear to photograph birds. šŸ˜‰


  2. In my humble opinion, a decision to sell both bikes without an awareness of why you have reached that decision seems a bit premature. Do you no longer desire to ride a motorcycle? Or are you dissatisfied with the bikes you have? Perhaps retaining one bike might test your foundations for reaching the decision to eliminate all of them. Then evaluate whether or not you wish to ride any motorcycle or not.

  3. Elzi, there is more here than what is published. Frankly, I have one too many motorcycles, and I like both of them. AND, my interests and activities are leading me down a different path. There is more to life than motorcycling. –Brent

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