Blue gill candy

I tie my own flies. It’s fun and relaxing. It’s also exciting to catch a fish on a fly I’ve tied.

Some time ago, I started looking for a good pattern for blue gills and bass. I started with something I saw called a bead-head bugger. I started tweaking the pattern to try different sizes hooks and features. I finally settled on pattern and made a bunch with different colors.


I also made some up in black and olive. All these colors work. Tied on a #12 barbless hook with ultra chenille and rubber legs. They’re blue gill candy.

As I started fishing and catching fish with these, the Veterans of our Project Healing Waters program took notice. “What are you using?” “Can I try one?”

So I made a bunch to hand out to the Vets. It’s become a very popular fly.



See you on the highway.


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  1. Hey Brent,
    About five years ago, my brother in law gave me a fly fishing rod and reel that his dad had given him. In September, a took all day less with Cinda from:

    Had a great time and am looking to learning more. You might want to check her out of FB also. She does a lot of guiding in the White Mountains and she know how to catch fish!

    BTW, there are couple of spots still available for this ride to Mexico in March if you are interested.

    Take care,

    Take care

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