4 Replies to “The Return of Fine Art Friday”

  1. Doug, the best camera? The one you have at the moment to take a picture. 🙂


  2. Brent, strap the albatr—-I mean, DSLR around your neck at all times! I assure you I never leave the house without mine. Trust me. Really.

  3. I hear ya, Doug. But … my thinking has changed somewhat. Several years ago, when I was running my commercial photography business, I saw (for the first time) a photo competition that exclusively was shot with an iPhone. “That’s ridiculous. How can a phone possibly capture a quality image.” Since then, I have watched other professional photographers shoot with phones, and even publish works with images captured with phones. And, if you’re publishing online, the phone is a good choice. These devices have gotten very good. I’m not suggesting that a Samsung Galaxy phone will produce an image equal to my professional gear, but it has a place. Let’s not forget the photographic skills of the photographer to properly expose and compose an image.

    I may not always carry a camera with me when I leave the house, but I always have my phone. It’s my pocket camera. 🙂


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