How many angry Veterans are there?

The volunteer stood at the corner of intersecting hallways to give directions and assistance,
but one young Veteran was not satisfied with that.

Anger spewed from his mouth, as if the whole world was out to get him,
he needed to take the elevator to another floor.

Eight or nine men, most likely all Veterans themselves, waited for the elevator doors
to open, and then once inside, the doors closed, but nothing happened.

Again, anger spewed from the Veteran who was not making progress,
and all inside that box felt the tension, like something about to explode.

No one said a thing, except to say, “This one is acting up again.”
The doors opened and everyone exited to take a different elevator.

Some looked for other ways to get to the upper floors,
while the angry Veteran spewed more anger and waited for the next elevator.

How many angry war Veterans are there?
How many more wars will there be?



One Reply to “How many angry Veterans are there?”

  1. Brent, there seem to be a great many angry people around these days. I have a notion that life is moving at a pace with which we humans were never designed cope and it’s making people mad in more ways than one.

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