A new visitor to the neighborhood

What is that sound? is it mechanical? An animal?

Barely awake and certainly not dressed, the sound came in varying low pitches, and was barely discernable. Was I hearing things? Has the sump pump given up?

Through the window, it was soft. Hoooo, hoooo, hoo, hoot. But the next round of noise was different, like a different sentence from the same voice. Hoo, hoooo, hoooo, hoo, hoot.

Throwing on a pair of shoes and my winter jacket, I stepped to the front porch into a cold December morning. The noise was coming from the woods to the northeast, and louder now. HOOO, HOOO, HOOT.

Definitely an owl, calling out to or for a mate maybe?

Thank you for visiting this morning, my feathery friend. You have given me a smile to start the day. If you see him, say “hello” to the wily coyote that ran down the street two days ago.


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  1. We’ve lived here in a close suburb of Detroit for 20 years. There is a stand of trees and bush extending behind our house and also across the street behind our neighbors’ homes. Last year, 2 doe appeared for the first time, alternating between the two stands of woods, browsing on the lawns and, of course, our hostas, etc.. During last Winter, I frequently saw 2 fox. Never happened before. This year, in the Spring, 3 fawns accompanied the two does. This Fall, 2 bucks, 1 an 8 pointer, showed up in the back yard. More deer next year for a certainty. This afternoon, I watched a hawk take a smaller bird in the back yard that had been picking from our bird feeder.

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