Home Sweet Home

Day 6, August 10

A decent night’s rest and drying out is what I needed most before the final push home. And, it was to be a short one, only 275 miles—about a five hour ride.

Checked out of the motel. Gassed up and headed north on I-75. Of course this tour would not be complete unless I had to pull over one more time and don the rain gear. Yes. Rain gear … again.

It was a fine mist and light rain that lasted about 30-40 minutes south of Lexington, Kentucky. When I was out from under it, I just kept going with the rain gear on. It’s more convenient to leave it on that to take it off, and have to put it back on again somewhere down the road.

I stopped for gas again in Georgetown. While I was attending to the bike and fuel, two young men approached me and said, “Nice looking bike. How does it ride?” The motorcycle sure does draw attention, and like my wife says, it’s the catalyst for those chance encounters with people on the road.

I rolled into my neighborhood and up onto the sidewalk in front of the house where I usually wash the bike. Inside, I was welcomed with a long warm hug and kisses from my lover, my best friend, my wife, Lin. It’s good to be home.


More thoughts and ramblings are coming. Until next time.

See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Glad you made it safely home, Brent. Next year you can sweep up those northeastern states then it’s on to Alaska and all the Canadian provinces.

  2. I am looking at route options and calendar for finishing off the Northeast. Canada is more likely than Alaska. It’s a time and distance thing. –Brent

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