Subscription changes for the RSS Feed

What the heck is an RSS Feed? Well, that’s the feature of all blogs that pushes content to your computer. It is anonymous, and totally in your control to subscribe or unsubscribe. You can even have the RSS Feed delivered by e-mail if you use the Feedburner option. That is sound and secure, but not so anonymous because your e-mail address is captured for delivery of content.

Most readers of this web site learn of or actually read the content through the RSS Feed first. Then they come to the web site for the full story or more stories. So the RSS Feed is important to subscribers and followers.

Okay, what does all this mean?

Recently, Google announced they are going to discontinue the number one RSS Feed reader—Google Reader. I have been using it for years to follow all the web sites I am interested in. So with the discontinuance of Google Reader in July, I wanted to find another reader, and I think I have found a good one to recommend.

I use Chrome for my internet browsing, and have found Feedly to be a very good application for reading RSS Feeds. In fact, I like the layout much better than Google Reader. You can find the Feedly app in the Chrome Web Store.

If you are using other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, you can search for RSS Feed readers for those applications. Google Reader may pop up on the search list, but just ignore that one. It’s going away.

Thank you for following and reading.


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