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The technology of sharing just amazes me, and it seems like there is so much more to sort through to make the content better and easier for you to read. Well, here’s a new one that works just perfect … almost.

Amazon has developed a plugin for WordPress users that allows creators to share the content of a post or page to a reader’s Kindle device or app. So, I thought I’d give it a whirl. This is how it looks at the bottom of my posts.


When you click on the “Send to Kindle” share button, a pop up window will appear that asks you to sign into your Amazon Kindle account, and which device you want to send it to. It’s that easy. Open your device and sync your Kindle application and the post will appear. You will have the option of archiving in your Kindle Library.

Each share is for that one item only. The plugin will not start sending you all the posts. That’s a nice feature and may just save the blogger from losing readers. Secondly, RSS Feeds and e-mail subscriptions are better suited for delivering all the posts.

I have tested this with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, and it works perfectly … almost. Articles are reproduced with very crisp pages complete with photos. However, You Tube videos do not display, nor do audio/podcast files. Links are embedded to take you to the web sites that will play that content. I tested the “Send to Kindle” with my Samsung Galaxy phone with the same results.

For articles with photos, it works very well. For other media content from the likes of Google … well … it must be an Amazon Kindle vs. the rest of the world thing.

Want to test it? Click on the Send to Kindle button below. Tell me what you think.

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