Will U Marry Me?


A small pickup truck stopped on the county road behind my house like it was waiting for traffic—a little odd, but not completely rare. It demanded a little inquiry. Across the road, a compact SUV was stopped on the edge of the road with his flashers on. There is not much of a shoulder there on the road, so his stoppage required traffic to  wait for safe passage in a single lane.

One driver inquired if he was okay, and he must have affirmed there was no problem. When traffic cleared, he exited his car and walked up to the walking path, bent over, and appeared to be writing on the pavement. He finished, walked back to his car, turned around in the roadway and left, turning into the adjacent subdivision.

Curiosity got the better of me. I grabbed my coat and walked out the back door, across the road to the path, and found one of life’s most intimate questions. “Will u marry me?”

There is going to be a marriage proposal! Let’s see. The car pulled into the next-door subdivision, and I didn’t see it pull out again. Perhaps someone is going for a walk?

Shortly, here he comes with a young lady, hand-in-hand. They’re also walking a dog which looks like a Corgi. They cross the street, and come close to the writing on the path.

She stops abruptly and clasps her hand over her mouth. Looking at him, she is clearly surprised and caught up in emotion. He gets down on his knee.

Of course, I am a silent witness to this intimate moment, watching through my back window from across the street. It does not take much imagination to understand the conversation and the body language of young lovers.

They kiss and hold each other as they wipe away tears. They stand there for maybe 30 minutes, talking, hugging, kissing. The dog waits patiently.

I think she said, “Yes.”


3 Replies to “Will U Marry Me?”

  1. I will take a love story any day!
    Thanks and hope is well.
    Coming to Mesa any time soon?
    Dinner and beer on me…

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