A Conversation with J. Brandon

Pounding out a career in marketing and media in Silicon Valley didn’t give J. Courtney Brandon the happiness and peace of mind that he was seeking. So after about two decades of work, he searched for where he wanted to live and then what he wanted to do. That’s how he landed in Nevada, and he brought along his skills to help adventure travel companies, outfitters and outdoors organizations with their marketing efforts.

J_Brandon_300x300J. provides marketing, communication and event management services for adventure travel companies through American Sahara, a company he founded. He says one of the skills adventure travel companies need to develop is utilizing social media more effectively. “For outdoor companies, social media is like sitting around the campfire.”

When he’s not helping others, J. is off on his own little mini adventures whether it be in the Nevada desert or the Sierra Nevada mountains, not far from his home.

J. and I used Skype to talk about his work and trends in adventure travel. What is it and where it’s going as more and more individuals opt for something different in their travels? Here’s our conversation, recorded November 15, 2012.


Visit J.’s website, www.AmericanSahara.com, and/or join in the Twitter conversations around the campfire at #ATQA and #MotoChat on Wednesdays.

Thanks for listening. See you on the highway.


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