Motorcycling through Autumn


I have a few favorite roads near my home—curvy, over hill and dale, and alongside a scenic river. These roads are perfect for motorcycling, but especially in the autumn.

The sun seems a little brighter, and the sky more blue as golden leaves fall from the trees. The wind on my face is crisp and refreshing. The motorcycle purrs along waiting for the throttle to be twisted. But, it is not to be.

The moment is surreal, not to be rushed but savored. This is motorcycling through autumn, and I am pacing myself, taking it all in to refresh my spirit.

See you on the highway.


4 Replies to “Motorcycling through Autumn”

  1. The earthy smell of leaves, the blaze of colour, the crispness in the air … Being able to savor the last few moments of autumn on a motorcycle … Isn’t life great?

  2. Doug, I tend to agree with you. The ride/test ride reviews coming in for the new V7 are very impressive. –Brent

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