Which motorcycle would you prefer?

Which motorcycle would you prefer to own, ride and maintain?

A Triumph Bonneville T100 with a solo seat?


Triumph Bonneville T100 Black

Or a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, due out in late 2012 as  2013 model?


I flip flop back and forth like a wishy-washy politician! Smile

Which one would you want … and why? Leave a comment.

See you on the highway. (probably on my V-Strom)


16 Replies to “Which motorcycle would you prefer?”

  1. I’d go with the Guzzi for a performance and fun factor. Recently led a ride with a new vintage Bonneville about a 2006 model. I’m on my little Kawasaki 250 and it is clear that on the twisties the Bonne was having a hard time keeping up. He said the bumps were killing him and he couldn’t believe how fast we were in the corners. Later, he crashed on a very tame turn. Sure it was his fault not the bikes’ but it seemed the beautiful Bonne couldn’t keep pace with us on some demanding roads. If I were on my 98 EV Guzzi I would have been hitting the same roads much faster. Not a great example, but I don’t think the retro Triumphs can hang with a new or old Guzzi with riders about equal in skills. I love Triumphs old and new and of course their new sport bikes will hang with just about anything out there. Just my opinion but I think the fun factor on the V7 will be awesome. Bill

  2. Brent,

    I’d have to sit on both. For me, the new Bonnie’s tank profile is a bit messed up, I’m not sure I like it, but I don’t have enough experience with Guzzis to dismiss it on such a trifle. It’d be a fun decision to make.

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  3. Thanks, Bill. I appreciate your comments. I’ve heard similar comments from other Guzzi owners … and then there are the Bonneville owners, who tend to favor their rides over the Guzzi. “I’m so confused!” –Brent

  4. Brent,

    It really depends on the fact what do you want from your bike. If it is a retro look and the nostalgic feeling for old days when you really wanted to have Bonnie then it is obvious. If you really want classic look but with new solutions…then Guzzi.
    I think Bill is right Bonnie has been built by a new factory and new materials but solutions are still old and they just can not keep up with newer models. Then again as I told you before when you by an Italian great looking device….well you need to be ready to do some maintenance of your own because service levels…..Well I guess you will find out…

  5. Goran, I always appreciate your comments. Yes, both bikes look a little nostalgic, but are quite modern in technology. Neither one of these bikes are the same quality as their 1970s older siblings, but rather, well-built machines. Listening to owners, the Guzzi is going to require a little more tinkering to maintain it, but probably has the better fit and finish. The Triumph looks old, but is very modern with EFI. Of the two, I believe the Triumph will require less attention in maintenance. In the ride, the Guzzi is going to deliver a little more character and maneuverability.

    So … right now, it seems a toss up.

    Neither of these bikes will replace the V-Strom, but will be ridden when I just want something different to ride for any given day. –Brent

  6. Brent, they’re both amazingly cool bikes but, looks aside, there’s nothing like the feeling of the actual ride when you’re on a Guzzi. You knew that was what I was going to say, didn’t you? 🙂

  7. Yes, Carla, I expected that from you, and I agree. The Guzzi ride is quite different than the Triumph. But then comes maintenance and dealer support. What if a starter goes out, and I live 180 miles from the closest dealer? –Brent

  8. Brent, I owned a 1969 Triumph 650 Bonnie, and rode it for seven years before I got my 1st Harley. BUT if forced to choose, I’d go with the Guzzi. WHY? ooooo just look at it! Power, agility, beauty and I have always been a sucker for Italian Bikes. I also have a love of their engine design. It’s just something one would HAVE to desire to own for themselves. Well, I know I do.

  9. Guzzi, for sure. Nothing against the Bonnie, just really like the look of the V7. You’ll have the V-Strom for trips, and the Guzzi for local rides. Your comment about being 180 miles away from a Guzzi dealer rings true, plan to ride the V7 lots but don’t venture too far from home. Put it this way: the V-Strom is as reliable as they get, but the Guzzi will break, just give it a little time.

  10. Pat, as I was being notified that your comment was awaiting approval, I was watching a Guzzi V7 You Tube video made by Guzzi. Coincidence? Perhaps not. 🙂 –Brent

  11. I’m no mechanic but the Guzzi engine design is so easy to interpret and service. Valve adjustments are oh so easy. Oil changes takes some laying on your back to drop the pan but is also easy and you can clean any accumulated debris. My 120,000 mile 98 EV has been entirely maintained and serviced by me. I did needed help when the clutch failed at 90,000 miles but a Guzzi freind was all I needed. Starter motor fails? …Failures of things like starters usually don’t happen until high miles. I’m confident the V7 will be easier to self service and maintain than the Bonnie and likely very reliable.
    If you’re a tame, non aggresive rider in the twisties and have no desire to hammer the fun roads…buy the Bonnie, it has the classic looks, modern improvements from old but very limited in high speed cornering. On the other hand if you’d like to get a little more feisty and improve your skills, the V7 would be my suggestion.

  12. Thanks, Doug. That IS a start to understanding. Pictures always help! 🙂 –Brent

  13. My son- in-law has a 2009 Bonneville he bought new. 20k later no problems. We do all of the maintenance. To me its the Triumph, 67 HP vs. 48 hp. I would chose the Triumph.. Both need engine guards however. Drop the Guzzi and you may destroy the motor.


  14. Phil, Phil, Phil. It’s advice like this that has me so confused. 🙂 I’m starting to feel like Vinny Barbarino (played by a very young John Travolta) in Welcome Back Kotter. –Brent

  15. @Bill Nielsen

    The Bonnie is not a twisties bike, it’s a standard casual ride, However, with a good rider on-board I can assure you, without question, your Kaw 250 cannot keep up with the Bonnie in the twisties or anywhere else.

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