Hiking at the Caesar Creek Nature Preserve

Sometimes, I just have to combine two of my favorite pastimes—motorcycling and hiking. And so I found myself on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, motorcycling one my favorite roads to a favorite hiking spot, Caesar Creek Nature Preserve.


I entered the trail and wound my way along the creek, observing how high the water is and how fast it was running. Clearly, the Army Corps of Engineers has increased the output at the dam, just a couple of miles up creek.


There was only one other car in the parking lot, it’s occupants nowhere to be seen. It’s like I had all the trails to myself. How serene!


See you on the highway.



3 Replies to “Hiking at the Caesar Creek Nature Preserve”

  1. Nothing more satisfing than a motorcycle ride to a wonderfully maintained trail that is lacking in human beings (other than ourselves). I’m planning to ride to Buffalo Mountain after the grandson gets out of school, and hiking up the trail to the radio tower at the top. There is a great overlook there. I think the blooms should be out now too.

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