Rails to Trails through the countryside


There was a time when people feared the conversion of abandoned railroad beds into bicycle and walking paths. The fear was that crime would increase. Adjoining properties would be impacted by lower property values. How wrong were those naysayers.


Photo: Little Miami Recreational Trail, Morrow, Ohio. The LMRT is 75 miles long connecting multiple small and larger cities—all paved.

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  1. Love those rail trails. Ran on the Burke-Gilman Trail today in Seattle. This trail has been honored by being included in the Rail to Trail Conservancy’s Hall of Fame. There are many other great rail trails in the Puget Sound area.

    On a cross-country motorcycle trip I spent the night at a motel in central Nebraska. I was pleased to find a rail trail right behind the motel, and had a great run following the long day on the bike.

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