Motorcycling for a cause

Book Review: Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer

Tamela Rich was looking for a cause—something she could get behind and get involved. Although she says she has not had cancer, she picked breast cancer research and joined other women motorcyclists to raise awareness and funds. Then, she turned it into a book.

Live Full Throttle is a collection of photos, essays, women’s stories and a set of exercises for deeper reflection on the eight chapters that relay those individual stories. The cover photo gives a clue with a pink bra strapped across the front of Rich’s BMW G650GS. Inside, more photos of women and men sporting bras on bikes, over clothing and on cowboy hats.

For such a serious topic as breast cancer, there is a lot of laughter along with the tears in this book.

“This book is like an unexpected food to taste buds. Suspend your expectations as you explore, and let yourself contemplate, this memoir and photo essay hybrid that is inspired by the soulful people and places I’ve encountered as a long-distance motorcyclist for breast cancer causes.

These encounters taught me a great deal about myself and through these stories, pictures and suggested exercises, I hope you will learn about yourself too.”

Tamela Rich.

With Tamela Rich on a book tour, and passing through Ohio, I managed to connect with her for an interview. We met at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, and the fine folks there graciously let us use there conference room.

As we sat down to talk, I learned a lot about Tamela Rich, and how she came to produce this book.

Here is the interview:

Tamela Rich [audio:Tamela_Rich.MP3]


You can learn more and purchase the book from her web site:

Thanks for listening. See you on the highway.


2 Replies to “Motorcycling for a cause”

  1. I love you Tamela!! I am so proud of you!! You just did it!!
    Let’s keep on kicking it to the curb, Conga style!
    May your book continue to inspire an help many people for many years. I am honored to know you..
    love you Flo

  2. I love this book – I am a photographer living with breast cancer and heard about Tamela book and motorcycle ride from a friend in Charlotte, NC. I have since become friends with Tamela via FB – what an awesome lady. I am honored to know here and can not wait to meet her in person when I visit my family in Charlotte at the end of this month. This book is amazing and very inspiring. thanks Tamela.

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