Tweaking the web site: the return of Sojourn Chronicles

I have noticed for sometime that one of the most searched terms was “Sojourn Chronicles.” It has been missed ever since I took it down earlier this year. There were 650 posts of travel stories, photography and random thoughts and scribbling. I always thought the brand would return, but in a different format.

In addition, I have added to the brand with additional domain names. Sojourn Publishing existed before Sojourn Chronicles, but now, I have added Sojourn Poetry and Sojourn Radio to the mix (no pun intended). All these domain names point here, and future stories and posts will be published accordingly under their banner.

The site will continue to undergo a little tweaking. You’ll also be able to read some of those old stories as they are re-published in a new format here.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Come along for the stories of meaningful travel—the sojourns.

See you on the highway!


4 Replies to “Tweaking the web site: the return of Sojourn Chronicles”

  1. Brent, Quality writing and photos can only take you so far. Try adding Sojourn Nude, Sojourn Naked, and Sojourn Girls Gone Wild. That should bring them in. Also, post pictures of nice bikes cut down to junk bobbers and pictures pretty girls with awful tattoos. They are all the rage now.

  2. I admit I’ve lowered my standards, Brent. I bought the domains “Nude After Forty Years On Two Wheels” and “Hot Coeds After Forty Years On Two Wheels” and redirected them to my site. Sadly, all it attracted was a bunch of Harley riders.

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