Riding on a Sunday afternoon

How does one explain the joy of motorcycling? Books have been written trying to capture the essence of the feelings and emotions of riding: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Tao of the Ride, Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride, Motorcycle Therapy, and the writings of just about every other motorcyclist who has authored a book or a blog.


There is the feeling of freedom, the wind in your face, the perception of being in the immediate environment rather than enclosed in a car and protected from it. Is it the adrenaline rush from twisting the throttle? Or, the movement of the bike as it flicks back and forth through the curves? Perhaps it is because it is the perfect adventure vehicle.

The joy of motorcycling is all that and one more. Motorcycling is just plain fun.

See you on the highway.


3 Replies to “Riding on a Sunday afternoon”

  1. Brent, I think the best piece I’ve ever read on the joy of riding (besides my own stuff, of course) is “Season of the Bike” by Dave Karlotski:

    I’ve read it many times over the years and still thoroughly enjoy it with each reading.

  2. yes it’s a great sport and hobby. people really need to take advanatage of all of the training out there . Still way too many on w motorcycle crash fatalities.

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